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  project name ~ Yr3-Honorarium for Health Auxillaries

category ~ Health Care and Family Planning




  Project Name


Yr3-Honorarium for Health Auxillaries



Tribal Health Initiative



Health Care and Family Planning






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 227700


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Shrish Paranjpe
Vijay Venkatraman












The main objective of the project is to bring down the Infant Mortality and to keep the Maternal Mortality at nil. This would be done by continuing the existing health services and also augmenting the first tier of health delivery by enhancing the quality of care delivered by the Health Auxiliary at the tribal doorstep. The Health Auxiliary would also act as an agent of social transformation and help to develop the Farming and Health Committees that we will be continuing to form.

THI works in Sittilingi area of Harur Taluk is in Dharmapuri District (TamilNadu). The area is in a reserved forest area. THI works intensively in 21 hamlets covering about 10000 population.





In 2007 continuing the good work from previous years, the Health Auxiliaries have been taking care of pregnant mothers by being present at all deliveries and sometimes conducting them. They also took care of post natal care and teaching the mother about new born care and hygiene. The infant mortality rate has dropped to 37/1000 from 147/1000 in 2000 when the program started. Other regular activities that they had been doing is continuing.





1) Improvement of all health parameters especially the Infant Mortality Rate. 2) Augmentation of Health Auxiliary responsibilities and Capacity Building. 3) Continuation of ongoing Field Health Programs 4) Continuation of Curative Health services increasing hospital deliveries and neonatal care of sick newborns and infants



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