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  project name ~ Promotion and Utilization of Renewable Resources for Sustainable Development

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name


Promotion and Utilization of Renewable Resources for Sustainable Development



Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT..



Rural Development and Environment







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Rs 1050256


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satabdi Das
Aditya Barman












Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT) is a state level federation of VOs, NGOs and CBOs and nationally federated to Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI). Thus, the organization is networking both in state as well as national level for promotion of health centric holistic development in the state in particular and whole country in general. VHAT gives priority in networking with government department and advocacy for proper orientation of the government policy for giving maximum benefit to the under privileged as well as underserved or unserved population.

A) Networking with VOs and CBOs

i) Membership Promotion :

The membership of VHAT creates opportunity for sharing, co-operating and exchanging information, experiences and activities in the areas of functioning.

l Objective :

* To link the like-minded partners to develop ahead for better contribution to the community.

n To serve the need of the partners for capacity building.

l Strategy :

VHAT constantly maintains contact with the NGOs and CBOs of the different areas of the state and the organisation works as a resource centre for health and environment education. The grass-root organisations of the state are constantly motivated through training for involvement as strong partners of the network.

ii) Support Service :

The supportive service to the VOs NGOs and CBOs consists of the followings :

l Creating awareness about the priorities of the programmes of community development as a part of the policy of the government.

l Guidance for project formulation, monitoring and evaluation of the developmental projects in the grass-root.

l Information dissemination for availability of fund from various sources.

l Advising for overcoming problems of registration, accounting and report preparation.

iii) Capacity Building

This programme occupies the major share of the VHAT activities. The NGOs, both members and non-members, are given training for their capacity building on different programmes related to their activities. Moreover, VHAT publishes newsletters, books, booklets, posters, audio-visuals etc. to develop the communication skills of the NGO members.

iv) Anti-Trafficking Project :

Human trafficking and violence against children & women are the two emerging issue in the world. To combat these two issues VHAT initiated "Integrated Communication Strategy for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons and Violence against Children and Women" with the 4 partner organisations viz; Tripura Adibashi Mahala Samity (West Tripura) Organisation for Rural Survival (South Tripura), Sanghadip (Dhalai) and Blind & Handicapped Association of Tripura (North Tripura), The aim of this project was to sensitize law enforcement agency and allied systems. Hence, law enforcement agencies, administration, non government organisations, local institutes, PRLs etc. are closely involved in this programme.

v) Childline Agartala

This is a project of Voluntary Health Association of Tripura initiated in the year 2003. It is an emergency toll free phone service for the children in distressed condition and linking them to long term services. It always seeks active cooperation from the allied systems viz, police department, health, education, transport, labour, judiciary, social welfare department, local administration, NGOs, resource organisations for the welfare of the children in need of care and protection. The project has already established a good linkage with the allied systems in the state.

vi) Environmental orientation to school education and devlopment of community based technologies

Since January 2006, VHAT has been implementing this project to create awareness about the promotion of environment among the school teachers, school children, NGO leaders and PRIs members. The training for the target groups are being implemented in collaboration with the member organisations in West District of Tripura.

B) Networking with Government Departments

VHAT is networking with the government departments for policy advocacy in different developmental sectors through following ways :

* Public policy level advocacy and participation in the policy level meetings.
* Collection of the information from the government about the programmes and policy changes and sharing the information with the member organisations and others throughout the state.
* Utilisation of the available resources including the resources persons from the government departments for VHAT programme as well as programmes of the member NGOs. VHAT is included in the different committees of the government departments running the developmental programmes.





2. Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT) is working within the state of Tripura since last 19 years for promotion of health, environment, sustainable development, elementary education and income generation of the downtrodden population. This is the only NGO network in Tripura. VHAT contributed a lot in promotion of training by building the capacity of NGO, CBOs and GOs. It has tremendous contribution for the development of voluntary sector specially in the field of participatory process to motivate the people to participate in the process of socio-economic development. Direct implementation work consists of development of model integrated developmental project like the khoj project in Rupaichari block, contributed for holistic development of backward communities in remote inaccessible areas. VHAT could achieved the recognition of Eco-friendly organization through its decade long activities against deforestation use of pesticides and for promotion of the idea of sustainable development.





To Improve both preventive and curative health service for the people, to promote the environment and elementary education, rehabilitation of the socially ignored population, gender empowerment, implementation of child rights and thus to promote the health status of Tripura state.



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