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  project name ~ Community Environment Monitoring

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  Project Name


Community Environment Monitoring



The Other Media









Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 216000


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Somu Kumar


College Park









Started in 1997, Other Media supports People’s struggles at the grass-roots level on several issues including environmental justice. CEM is an initiative conceived by Other Media in Dec 2003 and furthers the goal of Other Media in ensuring corporate accountability and justice in matters of environmental pollution and the resulting problems in health and creation of toxic waste. The CEM project aims to bring together pollution affected communities to strongly voice their concerns and demands by providing them technical and legal resources and expertise. The project involves educating affected people as well as unaffected communities in the importance of environment, health impacts etc to enable the communities to monitor their own environmental status. CEM actively encourages the bridging of gap between the decision-making bodies and local affected people in matters of environment, livelihood and usage of local resources. CEM works closely with youth and children to sensitise them on the struggles pertaining to environmental issues and encourages their active participation in the same. CEM was successfully initiated and carried out in industrial hot spot Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu in 2003 and in Mettur in 2005.

This is a continuing project from last year. All the previous years documents are at the project entry 425.





CEM has progressed very well in Cuddalore and was extended to Mettur , both industrial hot spots of Tamil Nadu. In Cuddalore CEM has been in assisting the residents of the region in understanding the various hazards impacting their environment and more importantly who should be accountable for the violations committed. For the last four years reliable data on the environmental conditions in the region has been generated. CEM has worked towards changing the mindset of the authorities and government towards the problems of the local communities. In Mettur, CEM initiated a health monitoring program for the ex workers of the PVC and Chloro chemical plant who have been suffering from various occupational health related disorders. Apart from this CEM has been extending solidarity, research, media and legal support to the local campaign towards making the industries in Mettur accountable and for environmental remediation





Some of the major goals include 1. Intensifying opposition to the continuous set up of more industries in the already highly polluted regions of Cuddalore 2. Organize Bucket Brigade Conference for pollution affected communities to share experiences, knowledge and ideas on pollution monitoring 3. Research and documentation of impact of industries on rural economy 4. Legal and technical assistance to pollution-affected people in ensuring proper compensation as well as clean water and remediate polluted grounds 5. Work with women, youth and children to strengthen community based monitoring of environment 6. Monitor and document health impacts of pollution affected communities as well as sensitise people on occupational diseases and its effects via trainings



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