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  project name ~ Bheemashankar: Tracking Forest Rights

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  Project Name


Bheemashankar: Tracking Forest Rights













  Budget Approved


Rs 216000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Narayan Vaidyanathan


Bay Area










Kalpavriksh is going to investigate the Joint Forest management and study the implementation of the Forest Rights Act in the Bheemashankar Preserve.





1. The first few meetings of the Forum have already been help (minutes are available in documents). 2. KV organized Eco-Tourism and Plastic Cleanup drive on occasion of Mahashivaratri at Bheemashankar, when it gets the most visitors. 3. Mandir committee have agreed to use solar powered vehicles and are trying to involve local people in the eco-tourism business.





1. Creating a Bheemashankar Forum that provides a space for differnent livelihood based and environment based NGOs to work together. The goals of the forum are: regular meetings, free exchanges of data, and other resources, facilitate interaction between various stakeholders of Bheemashankar region e.g. Various Dept of Govt., Politicians, Temple Trust, Local people, etc , involve local communities. 2. Tracking the implementation of the Forest Rights act in Bheemashankar preserve 3. Handling the plastic problem and work on on eco-tourism related livelihoods. 3. Developing a curricula for the local schools that tries to inculcate the knowledge of local flora and fauna.



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