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  project name ~ Mobility training support for visually impaired women - Phase 2

category ~ Livelihood Generation




  Project Name


Mobility training support for visually impaired women - Phase 2



Prerana Resource Centre



Livelihood Generation







  Budget Approved


Rs 110500


  Year Approved







1   2   3  

  Chapter Coordinators


Anil Kumar


Los Angeles










The proposed project is to get financial support to enable secure living and working conditions for the orthopedically handicapped and visually challenged women at the Prerana Resource Centre. Please refer to Project ID 272 as the parent project proposal.

The following paragraph outlines the need for the project:

The women from Prerana Resource Center are being employed and trained by ASEA BROWN BOVERI (ABB) LIMITED, a Multi National Company. (MNC) originitating in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB has appreciated Prerana womens work and now it has come forward to give orders/ work to these women. As the main dream for Prerana is Total Rehabilitation, the girls have to earn by themselves and lead their life independently. The funds being funded by AID LA chapter (phase 2) will be used to cover administrative and livelihood costs for these women, and support their mobility and training endeavors.





Prerana received its funds from AID State College and Los Angeles chapters during 3rd February 2007.From this support Prerana completed the initial project of Mobility training. Quote from Prashanta Ji''s report: "Association for India’s Development (ABB) State College and Los Angeles Chapter has brightened the life of visually impaired girls."





Through this phase of funding, AID LA continues to support Prerana inmates'''''''' livelihood so that their path to self-reliabiity and regenration of finances (through local employment) is achieved. The goals for this phase (in addition to supporting livelihood) are: 1. Continue to promote confidence and brightness in Prerana''''''''s girls through extensive mobility training. 2. Provide support so that the girls gain confidence in assembly work to meet production expectations. Besides, ABB will continue to provide employment based on the confidence in the employees.



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