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  project name ~ Urban Greens Delhi - Phase II

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Urban Greens Delhi - Phase II













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Rs 285600


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This project is the second phase of JUG-Delhi. See project entry 402 for details on the first phase.The project aims to continue advocating and creating awareness regarding the issues of urban greens.
In Phase 2 it aims to focus on education in schools regarding urban biodiversity, liason with Government officials, forest department and municipalities. Since Delhi is witnessing rapid development resulting in massive construction activities that have potential to harm green areas, there is an utmost need to monitor green belts and take appropriate actions.

A new component of the project is to take over 2-3 parks that are in a very bad shape from the horticultural department of the municipal coproration and establish them as prototypes for promoting biodiversity and indigenous varieties of greenery.





Please review document ''''''''At the Forefront of Urban Greening'''''''' for details on the achievements of the project. Highlights of some of the achievements are provided below: 1. A netizen group ‘Trees for Delhi’ was created to involve community members to support and discuss issues of urban greens. 2. After studying the plans for the High Capacity Bus System, JUG concluded that the plans did not consider environmental impacts. A petition was filed with the Chief Minister of Delhi highlighting the invaluable loss of trees. The CM took prompt action and called a meeting to discuss the issues. The agency implementing the system agreed to color-code trees that were designated for transplantation or cutting, provide temporary bus shelters along the corridors, and ensure breathing space around trees that had been paved over. 3. Delhi Metro Rail Council also made a number of revisions in their plans for the Delhi Metro Rail pursuant to the recommendations of the JUG team. The council re-aligned part of the route to accommodate for the southern sections of the Delhi Ridge Forest. The construction designs were altered to reduce noise pollution from the rail tracks. In the end fewer trees than were originally permitted for the project, were cut and a large number of native species were included in the re-plantations. An interpretation center focusing on environment and local greening issues is also planned outside one of the metro stations.





Protect and improve greenery in Delhi Plan for greening roadsides in Delhi in partnership with municipalities Safeguard large parks and gardens, urban forest areas in urban Delhi (ridge forest in Delhi, Asola Sanctuary). Attention for safeguarding lakhs and lakhs of trees on roadsides in narrow strips throughout the city.



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