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  project name ~ Unmesh - Child Protection Centre

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  Project Name


Unmesh - Child Protection Centre



Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT..






West District




  Budget Approved


Rs 408000


  Year Approved







   2   3   4   5  

  Chapter Coordinators


Vikas Argod


Penn State










“Unmesh” is sprouting to new life. This is the extension of the project ”Anwesha” funded by Childline Foundation, Govt. of India. Once implemented, the shelter will accommodate twenty kids. VHAT (NGO) receives request for shelter for children from Child Help Line, Police Department, several social organizations and common people. Many of these children are forced to slavery as child labors in hotels, tea stalls, workshops or domestic help. Young girls are particularly vulnerable to cross border trafficking. These marginalized, extremely underprivileged children need care, protection, education and childhood. The goal is to give the children the childhood they deserve.





- Total number of children served – current count is 54 Children - School age children go to a nearby government school - One child has mental retardation with epilepsy. - Quality education emphasized through participation of each child - Monitoring by monthly assessment of the students and timely intervention to children who are lagging behind - Child to child communication method is followed in the centre - Health education classes every Tuesday evening conducted by the Centre- Mothers and Project Manager





- Mission is to prevent child trafficking and violence against children - Provide basic healthcare, education and shelter to rescued children - Reintegrate/ Repatriate them into society - Upgrade the life skills and self reliance of underprivileged children through training - VHAT runs a Child Protection Centre with 50 children, called Anwesha funded by Childline India Foundation - Unmesh (“Oonmesh”) is an extension of the existing center to accommodate 50 more children



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