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  project name ~ AID Delhi RTI Awareness Efforts

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


AID Delhi RTI Awareness Efforts



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


Rs 120000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Rashim Singh
Rashim Singh


Anti Corruption Team









Improvement of Delhi roads:
The present work proposes to keep a check on the Delhi roads so that they are constructed and maintained as per the guidelines. This is been done by using the Right to Information to ask for inspection of these roads and the documents therein.

Presently it has been started with PWD (Roads) , which has an annual budget of around 61,845 lakhs excluding the planned work, of which already inspection of roads worth approximately 420 crore has already been asked using RTI. This work has been initiated with volunteers from Youth Task Force which is a joint venture of AID Delhi and Josh.





RTI Applications are being filed requesting for the following documents and information about each road. Estimates of roads Measurement Books Road Sketches Job-Mix Formula Inspection of the roads Sample of the material of the roads





1. To ensure better roads at the capital 2. To mobilize people to use RTI to fight corruption 3. To establish a transparent and accountable system at different level of government bodies and to act as a bridge between the government and people.



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