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Peoples Rights






Uttar Pradesh

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In many democratic country there are "extraordinary laws" enacted to deal with "contingencies". These "extraordinary laws" are often meant to keep for "temporary measures" to deal with certain contingencies or "extraordinary situations". However these laws often tend to traverse through the trajectory that makes them permanent rather than temporary. This transformation from the "temporary" to "permanent" raises question on the place of "extraordinary law" in a democratic polity. Moreover, "extraordinary law" that normalizes the deployment of the military in the internal or domestic affair of the state raise legal and political questions that have a critical bearing on the principles and practices of the military in democratic polity. One such martial Act is the infamous the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958.

A 2 day national level convention on 26th -27th July, 2008 in Delhi to address the issue of draconian laws in India.





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The convention will discuss the draconian laws, listen to the testimonies of victims, hear what the Members of Parliament belonging to different political parties have to say about these draconian laws and plan a strategy to deal with them.



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