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  project name ~ KNUC Nursing Training for Adolescents

category ~ Women Empowerment




  Project Name


KNUC Nursing Training for Adolescents



KNUC (Khajurdaha nabnakur United Club)



Women Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 286500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators












The project is a continuation of project ID #318.
This project aims to train 110 adolescent girls in two areas in Highly District (West Bengal) on such health components that would be useful in the local context. The project is spread over 3 years during which time, the girls would be coached in batches on both theoretical and practical aspects of basic health care. This funding is for the third years program (by AID San Diego) and an additional amount as stipend to the trainees by AID Columbus





1. 60 adolescents have completed full term course ( 6 months’ Theoretical & 6 months’ Practical) of Nursing training . 2. Another 20 adolescents are undergoing practical training at Anandamay Seva Niketan after completing 6 months’ Theoretical course. 3. Another new batch of 20 adolescent girls are undergoing 6 months’ theoretical training. 4. Training & teaching method has been rectified / modified through experience & instruments. 5. Nursing Training Programme has drawn attention of the community people for its continuity. 6. 37 Nos. Adolescent have got employment after completing full term course of the training.





The organization believes that the adolescent stage of all youths is the best stage of prosperity if they can be guided and trained up properly & in positive direction. Capitalizing such realization, the organization takes initiative for adolescent empowerment providing life skill training & Vocational Training.



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