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  project name ~ Assam Flood relief in Nalbari

category ~ Relief-AssamBihar-2004




  Project Name


Assam Flood relief in Nalbari













  Budget Approved


Rs 177000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Executive Board


Executive Board









GVM has worked on several isses over the years and most importantly on flood relief. The current project proposal is for Emergency response for flood affected communities of Rural Kamrup district. Please refer to the project proposal for more details.





GVM has worked locally to provide training and resources during flood relief management. GVM has worked with self-help groups and provided training in accounts management and encouraging livelihood generating activities GVM has also worked on child health care by holding health camps. GVM has also worked on spreading awareness on RTI.





GVM has basically worked on Disaster relief management. The NGO has trained several people on disater relief particularly useful in areas frequently affected by floods in Assam. GVM has also worked on strengthening local self-help groups, improvement of child health care and livelihood promotion activities.



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