"Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ VRDC Women Empowerment

category ~ community empowerment




  Project Name


VRDC Women Empowerment



VRDC (Vanasthali Rural Development Center)



community empowerment







  Budget Approved


$ 2100


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Aparna Venkatesan







Members at the Somatane center, Pune





Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

Project for Rural women

VRDC has always cherished the goal of all-round personality development of rural women. It envisages a rural women as "A complete woman" a woman with confidence and creativity, a woman intellectually alert and physically strong, a woman with broadened outlook and sensible approach to all her surroundings, a women well-aware of her familial and social responsibilities, in short a woman of substance and a master of her own life.
In this regard VRDC values her economic creativeness and freedom very much. Her capability of generating some income of her own goes a long way in making her a complete women.
our field workers from the Mawal region of Pune district have taken great initiative in fulfilling this objective of VRDC. On 14th November 2001, a business center was inaugurated at Somatane by our Swiss friend and well-wisher, Mme. Annette Etienne. Here, women from surrounding villages can have the benefit of undergoing trainings of small trades and skills, and of getting first hand experience of marketing their products, such as home grown vegetables, homemade eatables, garments, candles, artificial jewellery, detergents etc. A weekly sale is arranged here. Also, some local experts are invited to conduct short-term courses, such as Rangoli, Mehandi, Beauty treatment, tye and dye art on cotton cloth, tailoring, knitting and embroidery and many more things.
Now this center has a team of such trainers of its own. These trainers visit the neighboring blocs to import these trainings.

The name of courses conducted by them are as follows:

Table No: 1
Sr. No. Name of course

1. Mehandi, Rangoli, soft toys
2. Beauty parlor
3. candle making
4. Agarbattis
5. Greeting cards
6. Knitting-Embroidery
7. Paper bags
8. Pearl jewellery
9. Homemade eats
10. Chalks, perfumes
11. Clay-toys
12. Choir Doormats
13. Beauticians advance course

The women from Mawal region are participating enthusiastically in this new venture. people from surrounding areas are regularly visiting the weekly Bazaar, and then replicating this activity in their own areas. Many women have started their own enterprise, thereby earning some money of their own.
Our supervisor in this zone, Ms. Kalpana Gunaki, has been visiting our other zones like Sangamner, Jejuri etc. and has been talking to the workers there about her experiences regarding this project. So this projects is taking its roots in those zones also.
Along with the enthusiasm and enterprise of these women, a steady supply of capital funds is needed for running this project smoothly.
VRDC feels obliged to provide moral and monetary support to this venture With their improved economic status, they seen to be devoting more confidently and enthusiastically to their main work. e.g. running Balwadis and Hobby classes.










The goals of this project can be stated as follows 1. Most important goal is to make them economically self supporting. 2. To cultivate their business acumen. 3. To develop in them the awareness of the marketing possibilities in their region. 4. To develop their skills of group enterprise. 5. To provide stimulus to the creative abilities of the rural women. 6. To develop in them skills of hand. 7. To make them thrifty and resourceful. TO make them aware of the potential of their physical environment. 8. To cultivate in them the sense of integrity in their commercial dealings. 9. To help them acquire sense of discipline and purpose.



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