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  project name ~ Community Environmental Monitoring

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  Project Name


Community Environmental Monitoring



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Community Empowerment






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 496000


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  Chapter Coordinators


Bhargavi Srivatsan
Somu Kumar


College Park









Community Environmental Monitoring is an initiative in Cuddalore that helps to empower the local community to fight the polluting industries in the SIPCOT Cuddalore area. AID works with the SIPCOT Area Community Environment Monitors [SACEM] to collect scientific data about the pollution, pollutants and the extent of damage. This data will be used to pressurize the industries to monitor, reduce and regulate their effluents.





Published several studies showing high levels of pollution in Cuddalore. Data collected by CEM is being used create awareness among the local community and also put pressure on Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board. The Pollution Control Board recognizes and at times even participates in pollution patrols alongwith the SACEM. Due to the pressure mounted by the data, the local administration and the memeber of legislative assembly are taking some steps to curb the polluting corporations. Frequent Updates and achievements are listed at www.sipcotcuddalore.com





* To research, test and deploy simple and inexpensive tools in communities to allow them to monitor their own environment. * To equip community members with skills on documentation of pollution and air and water sampling. * To help bring in new monitoring standards for VOCs and sulfur-based gases in ambient air under the Indian Law. * To network with other pollution-impacted communities by providing them training in monitoring and documenting pollution in their communities.



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