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  project name ~ Legal Aid Center

category ~ Peoples Rights




  Project Name


Legal Aid Center



Vanavasi Chetana Ashram



Peoples Rights







  Budget Approved


Rs 900000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sonika Sethi


College Park









The legal aid center will help the local tribal people file FIRs reporting the violence and atrocities committed on them by the Special Police Officers of the state run vigilante Salwa Judum.

VCA has 15 years of experience working with the tribal people of the region and have recently been working against violent displacement of the local tribal people including the clearing of 644+ villages in the Dantewada district of outh Bastar. This project is an attenpt to re-affirm peoples faith in civil rights and liberties through the effective demonstration of the use of public tools such as filing FIRs.





Successfully challenged murder charges against three tribal people, got National Human Rights Commission to acknowledge people''s case against the police and that police have registered false FIRs against tribals. To read about their Human shield experiment in Nendra please visit the following website http://www.cgnet.in/FT/humanshield/index_html/document_view





To file First Information Reports (FIRs) reporting violence and atrocities commited on the local populace by the various militant group operating in the region. To employ legal aid to fight cases to bring justice to the affected and to attract public and media attention to the issue of human right violation and breakdown of the civil rights in this region of Chhattisgarh



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