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  project name ~ Sarvodaya Press Service - Marathi Phase2

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  Project Name


Sarvodaya Press Service - Marathi Phase2



Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Center










  Budget Approved


Rs 90400


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Nirveek Bhattacharjee







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Educating public opinion is the most potent way to bring about social and political change. While there are innumerable periodicals representing an alternative voice in the media, the quality of information, philosophical and conceptual content, analysis leaves much to be desired. Sarvodaya Press Service (S P S)brings together various resources, writers, thinkers and reach out to a large number of Marathi language periodicals with an alternative view point focusing on fundamental issues such as non-violence, war, nuclear energy, environment, water, economic policies, globalisation, peoples movements etc.





The SPS team has been working on a shoestring budget and sends out monthly publications to 200 newspapers and journals and 150 to activist organizations. Several of the Newspapers re-publish the articles in their own dailies or weeklies on a regular basis. Especially the small and medium size newspapers at district levels as also district level weeklies, fortnightlies etc. Vidarbha-level TARUN BHARAT publishes articles from SPS on a regular basis as also LOKMAT occasionally.





The goals are to disseminate perspectives of development drawn from the grassroots activists and workers associated with the Sarvodaya movement and practitioners of the Gandhian philosophy to a larger community in the villages and towns of Maharashtra.



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