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  project name ~ Princeton for Bhopal

category ~ relief and rehabilitation




  Project Name


Princeton for Bhopal



Sambhavna Trust



relief and rehabilitation






Madhya Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 500


  Year Approved








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"Princeton for Bhopal" campaign was started on the Princeton University campus to spread awareness about the continuing problems from the 1984 Gas Tragedy in Bhopal. We hope to raise funds for NGOs like the Sambhavna Trust who are working for the health of the people affected by it.





..........• Goldman Winners and Bhopal Survivors Rashida Bi and Champa Devi Speak at Princeton University. This event was attended by about seventy people followed by an animated discussion. ..........• Calling on the Indian Gov''t to Agree to a Cleanup. A petition to the Indian government was signed by members of the University committee. The letter demanded that the government send a message to the US court saying that it had no objection to a cleanup by Dow-Carbide, if the court thus ruled. Campaigns across the world together ensured that the no objection was obtained. ..........• Hosting the Bhopal Photo Exhibit. This exhibit was displayed in the center of Campus and led to the Director of the International Center inviting us to organize a discussion around Bhopal ..........• Pressing for Congressional Action. A petition was submitted to Representative Rush Holt to support Frank Pallone’s resolution on Bhopal in Congress ..........• Screening of Bhopal: The Search for Justice. Attended by about thirty people and followed by a discussion with raj Sharma. ..........• Screening of Bhopal Express. This movie was attended by approximately seventy people and most of the donations that went to Sambhavana were collected then from the viewers. ..........• Screening of ''Hunting Warren Anderson'' This was in co-ordination with the Princeton Environmental Action group. ..........• Discussion with Raj Sharma and Documentary Screening. This event started off the Princeton for Bhopal campaign.





* Raise awareness in the Princeton community about the 1984 Bhopal tragedy and its continuing effects. Mobilize support for remedial actions. * Raise funds for NGOs which work towards a better life for those affected by the tragedy.



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