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  project name ~ 2009-smithakalyani-saathiship

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AID Chennai









Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 216000


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  Chapter Coordinators


Sriram Sunnam
Phani Mylavarapu


Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge









Smitha Kalyani is one of the key coordinators in AID Chennais Eureka project. She coordinates the eureka program in the Krishnagiri district (TN).

This saathiship is for year 2009. She has been supported for past 3 years by AID Baton Rouge.





Many AID volunteers would have probably interacted with Smitha Kalyani already during the Tsunami relief efforts. Smitha was one of the first AID-INDIA volunteers active in the BITS Pilani AID chapter when she was a student of BE Computer Science. She was involved in running tuition classes for children and running libraries and also in repairing a well in Basgaon. She was also instrumental in motivating many of her juniors and drawing them into AID (some of who are today AID volunteers in the US). During that she visited some of the TNSF projects as well. She had been AID Chennai volunteer/fulltimer well before the Tsunami efforts. Post Tsunami, she has been one of the main coordinators of the Tsunami Relief Work in Chennai she simultaneously worked on many fronts volunteer coordination, proposals and following up with funding organizations, email and reports to donors and volunteers, getting transportation, godowns, supplies, accounts,. pretty much on all fronts 16 hours a day!





1. AID-Bangalore (and AID Chennai)s integrated Block program at Krishnagiri (Sulagiri Block). Smitha started this initiative from scratch building up a block team, fulltimers, village volunteers, getting primary education, libraries, science education and health programs in place in the block and reaching out to 40 villages in the cluster. 3. Smitha will also work closely with the AID Chennai and AID Bangalore volunteer teams and help in organizing, motivating and activating these teams and getting them involved in field programs in and out of Bangalore. 4. She will also be involved in building up the AID office in Bangalore along the lines of AID Chennai and will also interact with funding agencies and donors to arrange support for AID direct and indirect projects.



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