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  project name ~ CEHAT- ASHA

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CEHAT (Center for Enquiry into Health, Allied..



Health Care and Family Planning



Thane, Nandurbar, Amravati, Gadchiroli, Nashik




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Rs 393500


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Prachi Vora












The Government of Maharashtra, through the National Rural Health Movement (NRHM), has sanctioned CEHAT/SATHI to carry out community health worker (CHW) training of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) to five districts in the state. SATHI has developed a model training program (consisting of five modules) that is well-founded, engaging, and uses innovative methods and materials. The Govt has already approved two volumes of the ASHA handbook, with the first widely distributed to its own CHWs. CEHAT/SATHIís program is based on the belief that the eighth class minimum education requirement is extraneous, and that women with lower educational history can succeed as ASHAs with proper training and advocacy. The overall goals of the model training program are to improve access to first-contact care and public health facilities within adivasi areas through the well-trained ASHA conduit.

While the Govt is providing funding for the actual training and some of the printing, CEHAT has requested funding for key value addition and advocacy activities. Value addition activities and advocacy related to the ASHA model training program which involves the training of 250 ASHAs in five districts of Maharashtra by SATHI and partner NGOs. This entails the finalization and reproduction of all volumes of Trainers Guidebook; use of field organizers (to liaise with ASHAs before and after training) and a model training coordinator; collation and reproduction of various additional innovative training materials; state level review meetings involving main functionaries of all partner organizations, state level resource persons and SATHI team members. CEHAT also requested funds for a state level convention of ASHAs and NGOs which will facilitate both specific and broad discussions at multiple levels about the role of ASHAs in adivasi communities.






Over the last decade, SATHIís process of training CHWs with innovative methods and moving towards a generalized model of such training may be divided into the following stages: a. CHW training by SATHI in collaboration with Peopleís Organisations (1998-2002) b. Pada Swayamsevak training in Dahanu (2003-04) c. Efforts toward generalisation meet with official non-response (2005-2007) d. Model ASHA training initiated in five districts (2008 Ė in progress)





-Model ASHA training in State of Maharashtra -Improve access to first contact care and public health facilities in adivasi communities



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