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  project name ~ Bihar Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Proposal

category ~ Relief and Rehabilitation




  Project Name


Bihar Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Proposal



AID India



Relief and Rehabilitation



Supoul, Saharsa, Mahepura, Araria, Poornia, Kha




  Budget Approved


Rs 1600000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Renuka Wariyar











There is an urgent need to scale up the winter kits work as the number of families that we need to provide these kits to is very high at least 8000 families will need such kits. In addition we need to continue our medical relief efforts particularly as in the winter the danger will increase. AID India expects Goonj and others to partially cover the cost (Rs. 30 lakhs) through collecting winter clothes etc. The proposal is for the rest of the amount (Rs. 34.5 lakhs).





- provided relief support in more than 100 villages in the 4 districts - reaching out to more than 15000 families (close to 1 Lakh people). - provided relief packages to over 9000 families. - mobile medical clinics and with the help of volunteer doctors have also organized a large number of medical camps in villages. - health services have reached more than 10000 people.





Our focus is on the people living on canal banks, roads and temporary machans near their villages. Along with the winter kits and medical camps, we will also need to cover gaps in food supply, organize any special support (like milk or protein supplements etc) for children and pregnant women, etc.



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