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  project name ~ Gothikoya Relief Project 2009

category ~ Relief and Rehabilitation




  Project Name


Gothikoya Relief Project 2009



ASDS - Agricultural and Social Development So..



Relief and Rehabilitation






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 1450000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sonika Sethi


College Park









Adivasis of Chhattisgarh endured severe and violent hardships in the civil war between state & Maoists, especially at the hands of the armed militia called Salwa Judum. 3 lakh have fled their homes and approximately 50,000 have crossed the border to the neighboring forests of Andhra Pradesh. ASDS has worked to identify and survey the refugees, provided relief as well as support to plan rehabilitation and advocate for rights.





Built confidence so that people are able to tell their names and stand up and be counted as refugees. The IDPs have taken part in the IDP Solidarity Committee meetings in Rekhapally and Hyderabad. ASDS has continued the survey work and also supplied supplementary nutrition, provided wells and helped villagers obtain job cards in 25 villages. The process has also led to a second project to provide long term rehabilitation as well as to facilitate safe return to Chhattisgarh for those families wishing to do so.





To ensure basic survival for vulnerable members of the population, with priority for children and pregnant and nursing women. To help people obtain rights as Internally Displaced Persons including rations, ICDS, water supply, job cards. To help people organize and raise their voice for their rights as citizens, to demand services from the government. To facilitate long term planning for people to seek rehabilitation in Andhra Pradesh or consider returning to their homes in Chhattisgarh which is their right, and also recommended by NHRC and upheld by Supreme Court in 2008.



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