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  project name ~ RTI 5th Pillar

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


RTI 5th Pillar



TVSG ( Trust for Village Self-Governance)5th Pillar USA



Right To Information (RTI)






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 705000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Saurabh Mittal












5th Pillar is seeking a grant to set up an RTI training center so as to conduct training programs and awareness campaigns on the power of the Right to Information Act 2005 and how it can be best implemented as a tool towards fighting corruption. Recent statistics shows that corruption in India has been reduced by 15% due to the implementation of the RTI act. We believe that by way of setting up the RTI training center and creating awareness, corruption levels can be reduced to a drastic extent. Funding in the amount of $2781.50 is required every month for successfully running the program and we would like to present a proposal to AID India requesting for a partial funding in the amount of $ 1,469.00 every month in order to cover cost of the training center.





Zero Rupee Note (ZRN): The Zero Rupee Note (ZRN) is a Campaign Tool that acts as a visual symbol of unwillingness to pay bribe; A tool that can trigger debate on corruption, rather than allowing the topic to be shoved under the carpet; A tool that can be used as a substitute for giving bribes and instill the confidence in every citizen to face a situation where a bribe is demanded; A tool that will convey the message of "Enough is Enough". "The Zero Rupee note is a non-cooperation movement against bribery". Since its release, 5th Pillar has issued over 300,000 copies of the Zero rupee note to the public and has seen many miracles happen. Freedom from Corruption Campaign: In August 2007, 5th Pillar conducted the “Freedom from Corruption” campaign. It was a 40 day campaign across all 33 districts in Tamilnadu and parts of Pondicherry and Karnataka. We visited nearly 105 schools and colleges and addressed over 2 lakh students. A similar campaign is being conducted in 2008 as well. This year’s campaign is an ongoing thing unlike last year’s, which was only for 40 days. The campaign was kicked off with a 2-day All India Convention on Anti-Corruption on August 16th and 17th in Chennai. Over a 1000 people attended the convention. Several eminent speakers from various walks of life provided thought provoking and invigorating speeches. Following the convention, 5th Pillar continues to provide training programs and go on school/college campaigns. For more information about the convention please visit http://www.convention.5thpillar.org. Several RTI applications have been filed by 5th Pillar activists with favourable results as cited by the press and media





5th Pillars training and awareness programs are aimed towards empowering the citizens for a corruption free way of life. The 3 hour training program projects them the reality that it is not mandatory to pay bribes to avail basic services that they are entitled to and also provides them with various methods to achieve the same. 5th Pillar conducts at least 6 training and awareness campaigns every week with one in class training session that is held at 5th Pillar office premises and the other 5 or more held in schools, colleges and other gatherings. The 3 hour training program is conducted by RTI activists and stalwarts. The training is divided into 3 sessions: Session 1: Sensitizing against the evils of corruption Session 2: RTI Act 2005 and its implementation Session 3: Zero Rupee Note In addition to providing training, the RTI trainers also file RTI petitions: 1. On behalf of the citizens addressing their issues and concerns (or) 2. To help in the escalation procedure if the citizen does not obtain any or satisfactory response (or) 3. Directly to obtain information on any corrupt governance (or) corrupt officers



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