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Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
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  project name ~ apna skool - 2009

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


apna skool - 2009



Jagriti(Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti)



Education - Child






Uttar Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 242150


  Year Approved







   2   3   4  

  Chapter Coordinators


Venkata Krishnan
Subhrajit Bhattacharya
Subhasree Basu











The present project proposal is a renewal proposal, requesting continued support for the full-time staff and running of five centers, supported by this chapter in 2008.

The Apna Skool project is an ingenious and creative idea developed to provide free education to the children of migrant laborers in Kanpur, UP, India by the NGO Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti.





Some of the major achievements of this project are: 1. Implementation of approx. 15-20 Apna Skools at various locations in Kanpur 2. Some children from Apna Skools have been admitted to local government and private schools 3. NGO has gained credibility and recognition from the laborers themselves who now recognize the importance of education for their children. Jagriti has been able to help the laborers understand how important it is for their children to have continuity in their education; the laborers promise to return to the same brick kiln or construction site every year so that their children may continue education at the same Apna Skool every year.





Running schools (formal and non-formal) where children are provided with interesting and activity based education, that they can come back year after year. See website (http://home.iitk.ac.in/~mkv/jagriti/) for more details on the school. Bringing awareness of cleanliness and health related issues; organizing health camps, immunization programmes,, health related video shows for the children To provide nutritional diet to the children To provide uniform and other educational opportunities/activities, like visiting zoo, to the children



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