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  project name ~ JSS general 2009

category ~ Health Care - Adult




  Project Name


JSS general 2009



JSS (Jan Swasthya Sahyog)



Health Care - Adult







  Budget Approved


Rs 349000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Vasundhara Rangaswamy


Bay Area









Three proposals sent to AID Bay Area by JSS. 1) For providing soybean supplements for 6 months to severe and moderately undernourished TB patients. 2) Provision of 100 cell phones to village health workers. 3) Provision and subsidy of transport for 2 years for people without access to any reliable transport.
AID Bay Area funded full amount for soy supplement : Rs.1,27,000 for a 6 months for 4000 kg of soybean to 200 patients; Rs 1,12,000 out of 5,60,000 for 20 out of 100 cell phones ; Rs 1,10,000 out of 2,20,000 for 1 year out of 2 for transport
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As above and: 1. Improve compliance of TB treatment by supplementing drugs with complete proteins and thereby reduce mortality 2. Provide means of communications to VHWs to be able to tackle health problems efficiently 3. Provide transport to villagers so that they can access health care when required



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