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  project name ~ Kondh-microcredit-Year 4

category ~ Livelihood Generation




  Project Name


Kondh-microcredit-Year 4



Nisarga Trust



Livelihood Generation






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 126000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators



Bay Area
Bay Area









This project provides affordable credit (since June 2005 at an interest rate of 24% p.a.) to the primitive Kondh tribals located in Vizag district, Andhra Pradesh. The objective is to offset the burden of money lender loans (local interest rates 75% p.a.) and provide leverage in marketing of agricultural produce. The credit co-op is run by the teacher at the local school (as opposed to the traditional Self Help Group model). The credit co-op has 206 members distributed across 10 villages and is currently self-sustaining (Loan repayment rates average 85%). The NGO involved is Nisarga Trust.

The current proposal is a funding request to
1] Expand the co-op to two more villages (where schools that have been recently set up are running well) and enroll additional members into the existing co-ops in the 10 villages with schools (Totally 93 new members)
2] Pay the co-op supervisor salary and other misc expenses





Please see proposal and presentation Also, more detail and Q&A posted on the wiki below: http://wiki.aidindia.org/bayarea/index.php/Kondh





The goals of the project for this year are to maintain the efficient functioning of the co-operative as well as expand the co-op to 2 more villages and expand the co-op to new members in 9 of the villages where the co-op is cirrently working well



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