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  project name ~ OR_2009_Eureka_EnglishProgramPilot

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AID Chennai



Education - Child






Tamil Nadu

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Rs 50000


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Ramachandran Balachandran






Learning English through games





The proposed project aims at providing primary-age students in government schools tools to begin reading through a time-bound English phonics module. Focused on activity based learning techniques, the project involves designing and printing of a teacherís guide, flashcards, picture cards, story cards, a blending tool, activity workbooks, game boards, and the production of a DVD.
It is expected that this program will improve the reading skills of thousands of children across the state of Tamil Nadu

Why English? English has become a permanent linguistic fixture in India, however, it is kept within the reach of the middle class and is inaccessible to disadvantaged communities. The medium of instruction in most public government funded schools, is the mother tongue language, also called vernacular-medium (VM). At the university level across India, English is the standard medium of education for the sciences and professional subjects. This presents a huge linguistic gap for students who have attended VM schools.

This pilot program is mostly funded by the Wall Alumni Service Award. AID is funding the shortfall for DVD production.





Initial evaluation results with a focus group of 22 students in 4th & 5th grade class in 4 schools are promising
Before intervention students did not know individual letters or their sounds. After 8 weeks, 25% improvement in ability to blend sounds Provided teacher training at 4 Chennai Government primary schools. Eureka school teachers reported success & interest in the method.





- Enable primary age students in Government/Corporation schools to improve English reading ability and comprehension
- Improve confidence and motivation levels of students while improving their English skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
- Evaluate this pilot program in 50 rural and urban government schools reaching ~2000 students
- Long-term goal of the team is to enhance the level of primary English education in order to give students the chance at higher education and employment.



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