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  project name ~ Solar Lamp Microcredit Scheme

category ~ Alternate Energy




  Project Name


Solar Lamp Microcredit Scheme



AID India



Alternate Energy







  Budget Approved


Rs 100000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Nagendran Rangan












AID Rural Technology Resource Center (ARTRC) is located in the backward remote district of Gajapati on the border of Andhra and Odisha. ARTRC was the location where much of the early development and field trial took place that led to the commercial production of the low cost LED lamp – Solar Flare by Green Light Planet Inc – a for profit company set up for the purpose by the students who developed the concept. Information on ARTRC is at http://orissa.aidindia.org.

The proposal is for a microcedit scheme for the distribution of the solar lamps.





Over thousands of hours of on-the-ground work in rural Indian villages (in Odisha), the Greenlight Planet team developed and market-tested its first product, a cutting-edge device that provides brighter, cheaper, healthier light for the home. The award-winning SolarFlare™ is charged by a corded solar panel that sits on the user’s roof. At night, high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs) provide hours of bright, adjustable light at the push of a button. The SolarFlare™ saves the user money, and in market trials, villagers purchased prototypes two at a time. Moreover, Greenlight Planet has developed its first product as an electricity platform to power a range of products in India’s 130 million non-electrified homes.





Long term vision – to make Odisha the first kerosene lamp free state. Given the link of Greenlight Planet with ARTRC starting with the student projects undertaken in tribal villages of Keunjhar and Gajapati, the company is planning to launch its product in Odisha in March 2009.



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