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  project name ~ iAmNoLabRat-AID Delhi GM awareness

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  Project Name


iAmNoLabRat-AID Delhi GM awareness



AID India










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Rs 175000


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Vikas Argod


Penn State









AID Delhi is launching the campaign at Delhi to mobilize the people of Delhi targeting PM to say a No to GM. AID Delhi has been spearheading the campaign along with other organizations..





In the first leg of the campaign, more than 70,000 Indians wrote to the ex-Health Minister, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss who took a firm public stance against GM foods. Other than that, the campaign is still running on ans we need to wait to see its impact. Follow it at





Campaign runs from 9th of June - 20th of July. Salient Events include : 1. Morning Walks at different park of delhi a. Volunteers would be approaching people / public of delhi at various locations with leaflets and materials on GM food and sign petitions. Those petitions would be faxed to PM and Sonia Gandhi daily so that we keep making our presence. 2. Contacting and holding a meeting if possible of editors of agriculture magazines like Krishi Jagaran: 3. Contacting and drawing in resident welfare associations 4. getting the jain community to come out into the open, Contacting Imam of Jamma Masjid and also the ISKON temple people to make a statement 5. Screening of the film at IIC, epicentre, Different RWA’s, Corporates, Army Wife’s association etc., 6. Outreaching to College and Schools 7. Roping in Celebrities to talk about GM foods and the campaign 8. Roping in music bands to do concerts. 9. A Brinjal festival at July 11th completely organized to project the diversities of brinjal, including a cooking competition and a quiz competition. 10. A public lecture / work shop to be organized on July 10th for Dr Michael Antoniou from King’s College London and Dr Eric-Gilles Seralini from France. 11. Roping in media and radio as much as possible [this is worked out with the help of the contacts of our volunteers]. 12. A CYCLE YATRA / rally inside Delhi with volunteers wearing costumes of vegetables. 13. Approaching Hotels Association of India and make them endorse. 14. Brinjal Funeral Festival at various parts of Delhi. 15. Street plays at the public places of Delhi.



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