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  project name ~ Dhemaji Flood Relief

category ~ relief-assambihar-2004




  Project Name


Dhemaji Flood Relief



RVC (Rural Volunteer Center)










  Budget Approved


$ 1330


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Sree Ganesan







A fisherman with his net looking for fish from a railway track washed away by the flood water of Jiadhal river in Kakuri Ahomgaon, Dhemaji.





The proposal from RVC was to intervene in health (remedial measures) and provision for safe drinking water. This was in response to the devastating floods in 2004, during which the district Dhemaji in Assam - the primary working area of RVC- was going through a phase of acute lack of safe drinking water and health crisis (break out of jaundice, viral fever, cough, skin- diseases).





RVC has provided 30 hand-pumps as community grant, addressing the people who actually lacks in safe drinking water. This support provided in the post flood session has been ensuring safe drinking water to 239 families encompassing 1545 population and has been attributing towards control of water-borne diseases. An important achievements has been acceptance at the community level that the hand-pumps will ensure safe drinking water provision for the community in coming years especially in the time of flood. The health camps have attributed a large towards controlling as well as equipping the community with remedial measures in the pre flood session of the monsoon 2004. The 1007 numbers of families from 27 villages apart from deriving benefit in the present situation have got equipped with essential medicines for the coming monsoon period when breach of communication acts as a major hindrance to access effective health services.





1. Provide safe drinking water by installing 30 hand-pump sets and constructing concrete platforms around them, of 5 feet radius along with drainage system of 9 feet. 2. Mobile health camps



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