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  project name ~ RTI Bhopal Project

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


RTI Bhopal Project



The Other Media



Right To Information (RTI)






Madhya Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 125500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Pragya Bhagat











This project aims to work on getting information from different departments of State and central government on the long term relief and rehabilitation of Bhopal Gas Survivors. It will also focus on getting inside information on Dow’s expansion plans in India. It has been long, complex 25 years of struggle where the Indian state has given no attention to the interest of the victims and has and continues to collude with corporations (Union Carbide/Dow Chemical) responsible for the disaster. Through this project we intend to dig up information on the collusion between state and the corporation and also substantiate the claims of the state government on providing rehabilitation to the victims.





The project will also work towards consolidations of advocacy efforts in the state of Madhya Pradesh to force public authorities to implement the Act and for the Commission to use penal provisions prescribed in the Act as a means of enforcing the implementation of the Act. These efforts at consolidation, along with similar efforts by other organizations, will further be linked to a national level campaign for strengthening the RTI Act.





Objectives 1. Work with survivor groups in identifying all areas where RTI needs to be filed within the state and central government 2. File and follow up RTI requests on the issue of medical care, social rehabilitation, economic rehabilitation, environmental rehabilitation, provision of clean drinking water, hazardous waste disposals, legal cases (extradition) and Dow’s expansion plans in India. 3. File and follow up RTI requests on individual problems faced by the survivors and in tern Popularize RTI among the Bhopal gas victims. 4. Assist community struggles against industrial land acquisition by strategic use of the RTI Act. 5. Tracking, reporting and taking action on the implementation of RTI Act. 6. Networking a the state level to increase awareness of the RTI Act



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