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  project name ~ Chittoor Vana Samraksha Samithi

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  Project Name


Chittoor Vana Samraksha Samithi



Chittoor Vana Samraksha Samithi









Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 400000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Krishna Adusumilli
Rishi Khar
Monal Shroff
Jay Jayakumar


San Diego
Chapel Hill
San Diego









Though the project has reached many of its goals, the livelihood program is well behind self sufficiency. A contributory cause of this has been high prevailing wages and shortage of workers. As a result, AID support has to be continued beyond the expected time. Also, cattle grazing and water issues with neighboring panchayat are an issue. Additional water works are needed and one dam needs complete remaking.

(This project has received 3 years of funding from both Cincinnati and San Diego to the tune of about $20,000 and an additional $8000 will be sent this year. This year the funding will only be provided by San Diego).

It has now been determined that the project needs about 2 to 3 years to assess the growth of the plantation trees and sustainability of the income from the fruits. So all the efforts ar ebing reduced to the minimum, without losing ground.

The current plan (March 2010) is to create a corpus using balance from previous funding and the 2008 instalment being sent now to pay 2 to 2.5 persons to maintain 2-2.5 acres of the plantation, to look after the fences and for general guarding.





State government assistance, AID funding started in 2005. Sand brought by the brooks used to be smuggled and the VSS has completely prevented this with construction. Working with forest office and the panchayat they have created a great deal of awareness on the merits of afforestation. Thorny fence has been created around the forest by growing cactus around the forest perimeter. 600 trees have been planted and a few hundred kg of Amla yield has been obtained.Jamun has started yielding. Cattle grazing has been reduced considerably and the water table in the forest area is now 200 feet higher than in the neighboring areas.





The mission of the VSS is to bring back degraded forest area of 500 acres given in its care by the State Government. The goal is also build up the water table level through micro-dams which stop the water draining out of the forest and builds an alluvial soil bed for soaking. The project aims to be self sustained by providing livelihood for 6-7 families through the yield of Amla and Jamun trees planted in 40 acres. A 1000 kg yield of Amla and a similar yield of Jamun were the goal to be reached in 2008. Preventing cattle grazing of the forest saplings is also an important measure in this project.



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