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  project name ~ Industrial Washing machine - Prerana Resource Center

category ~ Women Empowerment




  Project Name


Industrial Washing machine - Prerana Resource Center



Prerana Resource Centre



Women Empowerment







  Budget Approved


$ 1000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Vikas Argod


Penn State





Girls from PRC working in the switch assembly unit





Prerana Resource Centers main revenue comes from the electrical switch assembly unit. ABB trained the girls of PRC and also helped to setup the assembly unit. They only can supply to ABB. Due to reduction in the manufacturing at ABB, demand for switch has also dropped. So, PRC is looking into different ways of revenue generation. They are thinking of running laundry service in their premises. This proposal is for funding two industrial washing machines.





Funds are yet to be sent. Once the funds are sent and washing machines start spinning, we should have some report from them. Achievements of the PRC is listed in the NGO page. This section will be updated later





They intend to run a full fledged laundry service mainly serving Guest house of ABB. They will also be serving other customers. Amount billed to customers (including ABB) will also pay for electricity and water. In this way, they will have one more way of generating some income and self sustain.



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