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  project name ~ Proposing a Discussion Paper for a new EIA Law

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  Project Name


Proposing a Discussion Paper for a new EIA Law



Environment Support Group










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Rs 384000


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Dushyant Sethi
Chetana Kulkarni


College Park









An initiative to Reform Environmental Decision Making processes in India by proposing a Discussion Paper for a new EIA Law





ESG believes this to be an unique opportunity to intervene and develop a new Environment Impact Assessment Act that includes provisions for the establishment of the Environment Protection Authority. Such a legislation could work in conjunction with various environmental and forest clearance legislations such as the Forest (Conservation) Act, Forest Rights Act, Wildlife Protection Act, Water and Air Acts, Coastal Regulation Zone Notification and under the overall supervision of the umbrella Environment Protection Act. Further, this offers a rare opportunity of correcting the total lack of involvement of local governments in environmental decision making. Our proposal is that when enacting an EIA Law, it could include specific provisions of implementing the provisions of the Panchayat Raj and Nagarpalika Act, especially the 11th and 12th Schedules, that mandates involvement of local governments in matters relating to environment and forest conservation. In effect what we are proposing is that the new EIA Law, and the EPA constituted under it, should be able to synergistically work with the overall administrative and decision making structures developed in various legislations over time.





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