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  project name ~ Minor millet for contingency crop plan for Anantapur

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  Project Name


Minor millet for contingency crop plan for Anantapur



AID India









Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 280000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Ramya Nagraj
Sridhar Vemuri
Rashim Singh
Karthik Suryanarayanan


Los Angeles
Bay Area
Anti Corruption Team










Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh has not received significant rains this year (2009) and hence farmers are not able to sow groundnuts which is their annual crop. Alternate solution provided by the Govt. is to cultivate sorghum and pulses.

There is a group of NGOs in the district which is working on sustainable agriculture. Their plan is to promote cultivation of small millets(korra and saama) because of its significant benefits. Taking an opportunity of the situation, they want to demonstrate to the Govt. as well as to the farmers, the benefits of small millets. So, that small millets are included in the contingency plan and provide food security to both farmers and their livestock.





AID Seattle had a conference call with Dinesh from Timbaktu Collective on August 05, 2010 to learn the status updates. -22 mandals cultivated the small millets crops. -20 tons of seeds have been given so far. Organizations started recognizing millets as an options. There is now an “openness” that these crops can be grown. They wanted a stall set up to serve at the “Krishnadevaraya 500 years celebration". -Some farmers used millets as fodder for their cattles as well. -Dinesh and few others have set up their company. Inaugration is on August 15th. Seeds are provided from the seed bank. -Folks from Agricultural Research station has contacted them as well. -Last year: small millets were Rs. 800 per quintal (2009) This year: Rs. 1200 per quintal (2010) -They have planned a series of campaign for promoting millets. Constant training has to be given to spread the knowledge of minor millets. -Yield per acre: Average 2 quintals (varies from 3-4). Some farmers have got 6-8 quintals which has been a rare case. -Mandatory measures taken:- Farmers must keep 10-20% of millets for their own consumption. -How could they procure versus sell? Raised 11 lakhs as loan from friends. Bought 30 tons of different kinds of millets so far. Spent the money on machines. Full scale sales in not fully operational. Aim is 7 tonnes per month sales target. -Sales:- In local market, millets are sold Rs. 30 per Kg. In city market, priced distinctly.





-Cultivation of small millets in the villages of Anantapur district. - Small millets are climate-resistant crops and could be stored for many years. Thus, in the long run, it would be helpful to farmers incase of similar drought situations in future. - Proposal to the Govt. to include in its Contingency plan.



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