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  project name ~ Skill Development in Sustainable agricultural practices

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  Project Name


Skill Development in Sustainable agricultural practices



TamilNadu OrganicFarmers Movement









Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 88300


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  Chapter Coordinators


Bhargavi Srivatsan
Govind S











Context: Majority of the farmers of coastal region are becoming more vulnerable year after year due to the increasing severe climatic changes.

TOFarm wishes to disseminate the innovative sustainable techniques that they successfully implemented in reclaiming tsunami affected fields of Nagapattinam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, to a wider range of coastal farmers.

Skill Development Program overview
- Each program will be organised for 20 farmers and for two days.
- Five batches of 100 people will be trained in 10 days
- All the 100 trainees will receive farm registers, course completion certificates and a booklet on ecological paddy farming.
- Master farmers who represent ten farmer groups will receive supporting accessories (sample quantity traditional paddy & vegetable seeds, 5 plastic drums for bio inputs preparation, and one conoweeder





After the 2004 Tsunami, TOFarM engaged itself in reclaiming the saline lands resulting in a remarkable revival of cultivation in several coastal villages of Nagapattinam district within just six months after the Tsunami. For the last 5 years, TOFarM has worked with hundreds of farmers and landless labourers in reclaiming thousands of acres of land in various taluks of Nagapattinam district.





Building the capacities of 100 farmers of Kadambaravazhai village of Aliyur in the coastal district of Nagapattinam for their sustained ecological and economic development



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