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  project name ~ PIL on Mining

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  Project Name


PIL on Mining



SPS (Samaj Parivartana Samudaya)










  Budget Approved


Rs 90000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sridhar Rajam











PIL in the Supreme Court and related matters reg. Bellary Mining issue:
Submission of a request for supporting Rs. 90,000/- of AID-C for the PIL.

Details: Illegal mining is being carried out in Bellary district for the past few years. SPS, as a part of NCPNR (National committee for the Protection of Natural Resources) and Jan Vikas Andolan have filed a Public Interest Litigation in the supreme court asking the central and state govt to stop the mining, penalize the accused parties for the loss of revenue to the govt and compensate the farmers who have been affected by this activity. Even though the Karnataka Lokyukta has said clearly, in its report, the damages caused by the illegal mining the state govt has not taken any action due to the influences from higher level in the karnataka cabinet ministry. Hence SPS has resorted to filing PIL reqeusting the supreme court to grant interim relief.





Karnataka Lokayukta had come up with an action to be taken report on the mining issue, thanks to the exposure of the scam by SPS. Also the Ministry of Enviroment and Forest has also been made aware of the issue. SPS is now involved in extensive grassroots work in the affected parts of the district.





SPS along with National Committee for the Protection of Natural Resources (NCPNR) has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to stop the illegal iron-re mining being carried out in Bellary district of karnataka. PIL is aimed to stop the mining, convict those guilty of it and get compensation for the small and marginal farmers who are affected by the mining. SPS has planned to involve people''s movements in addressing the issue simultaneoulsy.



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