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  project name ~ 2009 Promoting Local Self Governance and transparency Swati''s fellowship

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


2009 Promoting Local Self Governance and transparency Swati''s fellowship






Community Empowerment







  Budget Approved


Rs 72000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Somu Kumar


Anti Corruption Team





Swati doing social audit in Bihar flood relief camp in Saharsa District





This is the third phase of the project. Previous updates can be found in Project Db ID# 551.


Contributed to the creation of “Model Nagar Raj Bill”- a draft bill for strengthening local self governance in urban areas.

Swati contributed to drafting bill through the research work that She carried out; travelled to different parts of the country to study the Panchayati Raj Systems there. participated in a series of consultations that took place with various activists, researchers, bureaucrats and experts to improve upon our draft.

2. BIHAR- Flood Relief

Swati went to Bihar in the first week of September in order to help in the relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by Kosi Floods and decided to work in collaboration with an NGO- “Goonj” and support them in distribution of relief materials. However, the magnitude of the problem was such that only the government was equipped to reach out to the people. So, Swati, along with some more members of Parivartan, tried to engage with the local bureaucracy, mobilized local people so that the relief material meant for them, reaches them. She stayed in Bihar for over 2.5 months, conducted several Gram Sabha Meetings, and collected data from various remote and cut off villages. The same was filed as a PIL in Patna High Court.





Swati''s experiences in Bihar and GTB Hospital have made her firmly believe that until we have a strong local self governance in the country- until the people of the country have a say in day to day governance of their areas, until the local bureaucracy is made subservient and accountable to the collective bodies of the local people- Gram Sabhas or Mohalla Sabhas- no real and lasting change would occur. This learning has inspired me to work for Swaraj Abhiyan- a movement for empowering Local Grassroots democracy in the country.





Swaraj Abhiyaan Swati plans on working with Arvind Kejriwal and Parivartan in Swaraj campaign. Research on Local Self Governance is a continuing process. However, the understanding of “Swaraj” or Self Rule till now has helped us give it the shape of a movement called “Swaraj Abhiyaan”. More info at www.lokrajandolan.org. Swati have actively participated in all the activities of Swaraj Abhiyaan till date.



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