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  project name ~ 2009-Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA-RTI support group

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


2009-Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA-RTI support group



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


Rs 331581


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Rashim Singh
Rashim Singh


Anti Corruption Team









This is the 3rd year of the project. This project provides funds that will strengthen the democratic processes and people’s participation in democracy through awareness generation about the Right to Information (RTI) Act and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) and monitoring of public funds in government programmes through conducting social audits in rural areas.





Awareness Campaign 1) 9 RTI Information Kiosks were organized for public at various government offices, schools, public fairs, assemblies, meetings and protests etc. 2) 8 meetings and workshops were organized to promote the RTI act among common mass. RTI support group also participated in workshops organized by other organizations. 3) 14 RTI acts and its working related Training programs were organized 4) 262 people called RTI helpline number seeking guidance regarding solutions of problems related to applying RTI application 5) 19485 booklets, 332 VCDs and 76 VCD set containing RTI related material were distributed at different kiosks and meetings. RTI Act Assessment 6) 3 districts (Dungarpur, Junjunu, and karooli) were surveyed to assess the situation of implementation of RTI act in the state of Rajasthan Social audits and Public hearing 7) Social audits were done about the people benefitted from the work performed under NREGA, Sarv-Siksha Abhiayan and pension schemes in Bhanswara, Jalawar, Chilashwer-Bhilwara, Vijaypura-Rajsammand and Shrinagar-Ajmer District of Rajasthan and Unnav region of Uttar Pradesh. Networking with other People’s Organizations and social NGOs 8) RTI support group participated in First National Youth Assembly, Mahila Chentna Mela, May Fair and Labor day, Awareness march on NREGA and media survey on RTI Rajasthan Election Watch 9) Rajasthan Election watch did the analysis of “Shapath part” vow letters and organized an all over Rajasthan a public opinion rally during 2008 Vidhan Sabha Election





1) Promoting RTI by organizing districts-level Kiosks 2) Organizing workshops on RTI and NREGA in the RTI-NREGA Month 3) Giving advises at the SIC to the appellant coming for attending appeal proceedings at the information commissions. 4) Conducting public hearing for better functioning of SIC 5) Conducting social audits on the developmental work done by government and training people in cities and villages to conduct such audits in order to ensure people’s participation in the decision-making and governance 6) Efforts to add chapters on NREGA and RTI acts in school and college curriculums 7) Conducting workshop on Mate in every district in association with government to ensure minimum wages for the workers under NREGA schemes 8) Lobbying at highest tier of governance for the required changes in the rules and working of NREGA act to ensure proper implementation of NREGA-2005 9) Election watch for lok sabha, panchayat and regional municipal election and campaigning for motivating the people to choose candidates of better character and accountable work profile 10) Defending issues of social interest with the government on behalf of people



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