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  project name ~ JMS-Karnataka Flood Relief 2009

category ~ Relief-Other




  Project Name


JMS-Karnataka Flood Relief 2009



Navnirman Trust






Raichur, Karnataka




  Budget Approved


Rs 786000


  Year Approved







1   2   3  

  Chapter Coordinators


Amrita Balachandran
Venktesh Kalyanaraman
Debamitra Das
Executive Board


Executive Board










Following the floods in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, in October, 2009, this project supports relief aid to Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan (JMS), in the Raichur district of Karnataka, for initial stages of relief work.





AID has had a long standing relationship with Vimukti and JMS. JMS works toward improving the social, economic, political status of the Dalit sector in Raichur district - particularly in the Sidhanur and Manvi Talukas.





Provide basic needs in villages, revive the JMS office to functional status, and allow for operations costs.



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