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  project name ~ Tribal education through establishment of Child Growth center (Supp. budget)

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Tribal education through establishment of Child Growth center (Supp. budget)






Education - Child



Birbhum-Jambuni village



West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 121225


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Venkata Krishnan












The concept of child growth center is derived from the need for an integrated approach towards building bases for children, rather than having just schools. Thus, the child growth centers will be extended centers for education, entertainment, moral development, physical development and value building among young children on local language. The centers will adopt innovative methods of teaching like the barefoot education that will involve utilizing local resources and materials to teach children, ensuring that they learn more from the nature and surroundings than from books and notes. The education teaches them about ways of life and functional importance of numbers, alphabets etc, inculcating a sense of curiosity and adventure to learn among young minds. Moral, physical and cultural development will be given equal importance like their physical growth. The children will be subject to routine health check up, growth monitoring and inputs to develop their cultural orientation. Value education will be the method of teaching. All the selected teachers will undergo rigorous training on the new methods under well known resource persons in the field of education and child growth. The project will also provide the basic education materials to the centers and learning materials to children. The project will construct 2 child growth centers, low cost community halls that are multi purpose in nature. Thus, the low cost community halls will act as Child Growth Centers, Meeting place for women and resource centers throughout the year.





MBBCDS is now one of the leading NGOs in Birbhum. It has promoted more than 200 SHGs of the poor; of which 98% groups are women groups. It has extended its activities in near about one hundred villages under 3 Development Blocks of 2 Districts, Birbhum, of West Bengal. It has been working for 7 years for welfare of poor community, specially women and children. During its journey it has extended is network state wise. Presently it has been engaged in micro finance, child labour and MCH in campaign mode.





Improve children’s conditions through an innovative Child Education Growth Center concept, wherein value education will be imparted along with support in health, nutrition and moral development initiatives through tribal language. Activity list: 1. To construct low-cost school building. 2. Teacher and part time doctor selection. 3. Meeting with communities and VEC people one time in a month. 4. Teach children 21 days in a month. 5. Teachers orientation child development and record keeping.. 6. Giving study materials and School uniform to children. 7. Giving games materials 8. Annual sports and cultural programme. 9. Provide expose visit. 10. Provide regular health checkup and emergency medicine. 11. Day observation. 12. Child writes camp and awareness 13. Counsilling 14. HIV AND AIDS awareness



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