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  project name ~ KNUC - Nurse training project

category ~ Women Empowerment




  Project Name


KNUC - Nurse training project



KNUC (Khajurdaha nabnakur United Club)



Women Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


$ 304530


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Kathy Smith


San Diego









KNUC is a 2 year adolescent nurse training project in the Khajurdaha, Hoogly District of Kolkata where more than 60% of people belong to marginalized classes. The 2 year program begins with one year of academic training in which , medical terms and vocabulary commonly used to describe certain conditions, basic anatomy, etc and specific skill sets such as blood pressure reading and knowledge about basic health and healthy pregnancy requirements are taught.
The second year takes place in the "operation theatre" of the resident community clinic known as KNUC clinic where the girls rotate through 4 specific stations learning various medical skills.
This program gives opportunities for livelihood development to these young girls who become the first generation learners in their families. Upon graduation they are then able to work in "doctor office setups", clinics, elder care, child care centers and some to be employed in mobile satellite clinics at locations around the village level, as run and envisioned by the project, KNUC, Kharjurdaha Nabankur United Club.
These female youth also share what they have learned in their own villages which is causing the "hygienic" and consciousness level of good health practices to rise. Their earnings are also helping to support their families income.





1. Through initial 2 years (May’06 to April’08) experience, the training schedule, selection of trainees, duration of training have been modified and upgraded. 2. According to upgraded schedule of training, from May’08, a new batch of 20 adolescents have completed theoretical training and undergoing practical training at “Anandamay Seva Niketan” for a period of another 1 year i.e. from May’09 to April 2010. 3. Nursing Training Programme has drawn attention of the community people for its continuity.





1) Provide nurse training for adolescent girls from disadvantaged backgrounds 2) Provide placement assistance after successful completion of course



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