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Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
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  project name ~ Promotion of Livelihood via organic farming Phase 2

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name


Promotion of Livelihood via organic farming Phase 2






Rural Development and Environment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 496800


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Pankaj Chandak
Moon Sen


Los Angeles
Los Angeles










The organisation is working with one of the primitive tribal groups in India as called ‘Santhal’. The target villages are mainly drought prone and mono cropping in nature. The main problems of these villages are infertility of cultivable lands; major use of chemical manures and pesticides; less irrigational facilities; unemployment rate is high among small farmers; and status of women is relatively low. The proposed project intends to promote the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the farmers and existing women SHGs to manage their wastelands into fertile lands, suitable for the agricultural progress to increase more employment and livelihood options.





List of Previous Programs and Projects (Executed from the Year 2000 onwards) 1. Community Organisation for repairing of rural link roads in Talibpur village, Murshidabad District. 2. Community Organisation Program on PRA Practice and Rural Problems identification in Surul village, Birbhum district. 3. Awareness Programs in different villages of Birbhum district on - a. Reproductive Child Health b. Nutrition during pregnancy c. Need base analysis of women rights and protection in terms of providing d. Necessary legal aid support e. Pulse-Polio immunization 4. Formation of Village Agriculture Development Committee (VADC) for sensitization and advocacy in terms of decision making, information dissemination on modern technologies, etc. – Talibpur Village, Murshidabad District. 5. Sensitization Program on Environmental Issues in Rural Areas of Bolpur-Sriniketan block. 6. Awareness Generation Programs in Balipara, Mohidapur, Binuria and Dwaranda villages in Birbhum district on – a. Child Rights and removal of child labour b. Women Empowerment c. Youth club development d. Safe Drinking Water 7. Motivational media program through street theatre on various social evils like dowry, untouchability, etc. 8. Observation and celebration of special days, like Human Rights day, Children’s Day, etc. 9. Youth Club promotion and development through small initiatives - Mohidapur and Binuria villages in Birbhum district. 10. Advocacy and networking with Government, local PRIs and NGOs for taking comprehensive development initiatives for the underprivileged. 11. Partnership building with reputed NGOs for working on child and woman development. 12. Data bank on various social development programs, mainly for the marginal and backward communities. 13. Situational Analysis Study on Child Labour (Tobacco), Bahartpur - II block, Murshidabad district. 14. A study on Tuberculosis among tribals with special reference to Bolpur – Sriniketan Block in Birbhum District. 15. A Study on Block Level Planning For Rural Area Development : The Planning Process with special reference to Bolpur - Sriniketan Block, Birbhum District





? Selection of 13 tribal villages where the present problems have frequent occurrence; ? Creating awareness on their present problems and providing knowledge to recover their problems through Participatory Approach; ? Establishing 13 Farmers Association (consisting of at least 20 members in each group with involvement of men and women small and marginal farmers as well as women self help groups) in 13 selected villages; ? Training for Farmer Association members on - - The impact of past agricultural processes and the alternatives for the present problems - The knowledge of the importance of Bio manure and Bio- Fertilizers - The preparation of bio manure and bio fertilizers with locally available materials. ? Community participation camps on agricultural development such as utilization of wastes; ? Establishing demonstration plants in 13 villages; ? Expanding the demonstration plants as Bio-manure and Bio-chemicals production units; ? Provide market knowledge and help them to link with wider market for selling their end produces; ? Technical awareness programs to the farmers for developing their lands with agro bio-diversity through medicinal plant, cereals and millets cultivation; ? Encouraging existing Women Self-Help Groups to establish Vermicompost units and bio chemical units. ? Follow-up activities by CSRA with the other project staff even after the completion of project period.



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