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  project name ~ Soil and Water Conservation in Juna Mozda

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name


Soil and Water Conservation in Juna Mozda



Mozda Collective



Rural Development and Environment







  Budget Approved


Rs 25000


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Ravi Devarasetty







A series of three bunds in Mozda village. Each bund a different farm or contour at a different level, thus catching a maximum amount of soil and maintaining fertility of soil.





The project is based in Juna Mozda (south Gujarat in the Satpura ranges). This area is settled by the Vasava adivasis (Bhils). The project is trying to revive a local tradition/knowledge of building small stone and mud bund like structures which prevent soil runoff and also harvest rain water. Due to overuse of land and a significant population increase there has been a steady migration away from agricultural activities towards seasonal employment which pays in cash. This has lead to loss of the local knowledge and commitment to soil and water conservation and consequently further decline in the land productivity.

In an attempt to counter this trend, this project took up 5 villages in 2001 and introduced a food for work program to support bund making. This was inreased to 9 villages in 2002 covering a total of 700 farmers. As a result there was a dramatic increase in soil productivity as evident from successful harvest of 2 crops per year instead of the usual 1 per year.

Seeing these results neighbouring villages are now interesting in joining this program. The project proposal is for expanding this program at the rate of 3 new villages per year. So for the year 2003 there will be 12 villages in the program. In addition to these food for work programe the peoject also includes youth camps to dicuss watershed development, village health worker training and additions of various kinds.





15 Villages currently partcipating in the project. In the villages which had started bund making since 95,96 the watershed treatment will be over in 1-3 years. They have already seen two fold increase in crops ( 2 crops instead of one per year). The villages that complete the bund making program will move on to live bunding (i.e.tree plantation).





This project aims at restoring soil fertility and establish soil and water conservation structures in the area. Currently 12 villages are undertaken under this program and every year this will be expanded to 2 new villages. The youth in the villages are trained to do the measurement for the structures and they take care of the implementation with help from Michael & Swati. These youth''''''''s are also trained in health and communal harmony issues. Food grains are provided for 50% of the labour. Some of the farms which have these structures have started getting 2 crops instead of 1, migration of old people to cities has also reduced. By improving the soil ,the productivity of the land is increased leading to self-suffiency.



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