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  project name ~ RTI efforts in J&K

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  Project Name


RTI efforts in J&K






Right To Information (RTI)






Jammu & Kashmir

  Budget Approved


Rs 140000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Vishal Kudchadkar


Los Angeles
Anti Corruption Team









Due to J&K autonomous status, the National RTI Act 2005 is not applicable in the state. Due to the efforts of JKRTI movement led by Dr Bhat, J&K adopted a more progressive RTI Act in 2009.

However there is a lot lacking at the implementation level - appointment of Information Commission, PIOs etc. Dr Bhat and his team aims to ensure the JK RTI Act is implemented in letter and spirit and awareness of the Act is spread across the state.

Dr Bhat is Kabirs J&K coordinator. AID is supporting his honorarium





- J&K adopted a more progressive RTI Act - Appointment of Information Commission - Several success stories on the use of RTI Act to expose corruption in PDS, IYA, Old Age pension etc Dr Bhat''s blog: http://blog.jkrtimovement.org





- Appointment of PIOs across the state - Awareness amongst the people about the RTI Act - Encourage and guide people to use RTI to expose corruption and improve local governance.



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