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  project name ~ 2010_Bhargavi_Saathiship

category ~ Saathi




  Project Name





Environment Support Group










  Budget Approved


Rs 240000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Shiv Shanker Ravichandran












This project intends to support Bhargavi S Rao of Environment Support Group (Karnataka) in her efforts to make environmental decision making in India a democratic process. Particulary, she aims to strengthen the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification and make them more favourable to local communities affected by projects.

In many cases, local communities affected by a project have very little information about the process of land acquisition, their rights, the entire process of Environmental Impact Assessment and therefore feel helpless to defend themselves against a proposed project in their locality. In addition to strengthening the EIA and CRZ notifications, Bhargavis work will educate, guide and empower people to access legal provisions using which they can protect their land, livelihood and environment from forceful intrusion by industrial and infrastructure projects.

Bhargavi also aims create greater environmental awarenes, particularly in Bangalore, through workshops, field trips and training programs.





Bhargavi''s work has had much impact on environmental protection issues, especially in Karnataka. To note a few: 1) Her work stopped second phase of the Mangalore SEZ taking over lands and livelihoods of local people 2) Helped stop construction of thermal power plant in Chamalapura, Karnataka near river Kabini 3) Conducted courses for wide variety of audience on environmental protection issues 4) Has organized summer camps for children to help them appreciate nature Campaigns by the Enviroment Support Group, of which Bhargavi is part of, have stopped controversial ammendments to the Environment Impact Assessment and Coastal Regulation Zone Notifications.





Deepening democratic participation in Environmental Decision Making processes in India; and create greater environmental awareness.



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