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  project name ~ NREGA Consortium 2009-10

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


NREGA Consortium 2009-10



SPS (Samaj Parivartana Samudaya)



Community Empowerment







  Budget Approved


Rs 274500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sridhar Rajam











The objective of the project is to administer proper implementation of NREGA ( National rural employment generation act). This is third year of the three year project . The proposal is to support 7 villages of Yadoga Gram Panchayat of Halyal Taluka , Uttar Kannada; and 6 villages of Mantagi Gram Panchayat of Haveri district reaching out to about 5400 families. The target group has been identified and several self help groups have been formulated. This year intent is to strengthen these groups make them self sufficient so as to phase out from there and move to different region. Through watershed projects, cattle rearing and through utilization of natural resources livelihood opportunities are being created using NREGA. Through this the intent is to create viable infrastructure that caters to the needs of people, while protecting the natural environment. Apart from grass root work SPS is leading advocacy efforts to strengthen panchayat Raj institutions, fighting against illegal mining in Bellary Dist. and leading struggle against corporations polluting Tungabadra river in Haveri dist.





The NGO SPS involved with this project has been a leading advocacy group on environmental, forestry and issues regarding community control which has been recognized widely. SPS has been awarded Indira Gandhi pariyavarn puraskar for its contribution in environment sphere. In the first year of project target families have identified successfully and have built groups which are functional. Last year panchayat officials had used violence against activists who were demanding for proper implementation of NREGA. After sustained pressure through media and bringing this to district administration the officials came to resolve the conflict and all issues were later reconciled and the vested interests were countered with success.





This project directly benefits the identified target families through proper implementation of NREGA through various livelihood generation activities . At large the aim is to create a model to showcase how NREGA could be implemented successfully and to get attention of both government and civil society about the possibilities NREGA provides in addressing developmental issues.



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