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  project name ~ 2010-AID India RTI Implementation - Delhi - SNS-Phase III

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


2010-AID India RTI Implementation - Delhi - SNS-Phase III



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


Rs 840000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Arun Gopalan


Anti Corruption Team










This project in colloboration with SNS in Delhi is a continuation of AID India efforts in Delhi to work on the proper Implementation of Right To Information [RTI] act, that can revolutionize the Government functioning.The project intends to do the following

1. Demand transparency and accountability from elected representatives
2. Monitor social security schemes
3. Demand transparency and accountability in the functioning of the PDS
4. Monitor Water supply and sanitation Monitoring
5. Create legal awareness among marginalized people





At a highlevel, following is the list of activities that was accomplished last year. The details are in the attached report • Demanding political accountability and monitoring the functioning of elected representatives • Monitoring the functioning of the Public Distribution System • Training of beneficiaries of government run social security schemes on how to carry out effective vigilance to ensure their rightful entitlements under the schemes. • Assisting parents of students of government schools to use the RTI Act to access information and monitor the quality of education in schools. • Legal trainings and awareness workshops on a variety of issues across Delhi. • Working towards ensuring compliance with the High Court order under which 15% seats in public schools are reserved for students from economically weaker section of society. • Monitoring the quality of roads using complaints and the RTI Act in Mumbai • Building capacity of slum residents of Mumbai to monitor the functioning of the PDS • Organizing several RTI awareness sessions in bastis across Mumbai





1. Work with people directly, people’s groups and mass organizations to equip their membership to file and follow-up on RTI applications 2. Popularize RTI among working classes in as many districts in different states by holding training camps and clinics regularly. 3. Assist community struggles in bad Governmental policies by strategic use of the RTI Act. 4. Help with the RTI needs of various people’s movements. 5. Networking at the National level to increase awareness of the RTI Act 6. Coordinating with the National Campaign 7. Tracking, reporting and taking action on the implementation of Right to Information in different parts of the state.



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