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  project name ~ Community Kitchen in K-Plot (Aila relief)

category ~ Relief and Rehabilitation




  Project Name


Community Kitchen in K-Plot (Aila relief)



BTS (Baikunthapur Tharun Sangha)



Relief and Rehabilitation






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 113000


  Year Approved







1   2   3   4   5  

  Chapter Coordinators


Somnath Mukherji
Srinivas Chadram (Naga)
Bharat Vineet
Pavan Vaidyanathan












Recent devastating Cyclone-Aila , flood and its severe consequences have made many parts of Sunderban delta area-people homeless and foodless; pauper and helpless in all sense.An acute uneasiness and unpredictable situational crisis have been grasping all over the aila-victims. Many are under starvation and in a begging stage to draw everyone’s sympathy to compel tears and tensions to see their close neighbours at stake.Those who have lost everything in the flood and cyclone, are the people for needed support at an early date.Among them mostly are aged and handicapped, either physically paralised or mentally retarded but in a state not to beg door to door or depend on other-family members.But the main motive of this effort is to enhance self-reliance and promote self-capacity to manage or lead a independent life style being involved in the community process.





1) All 6 kitchens are running well after 3 months. The number of people have increased from 70 to 91. 2) There is participation from the people who sometimes are bringing vegetables from their homes. 3) In K-plot people have created a community garden which is also supporting the kitchens. 4) People are very enthusiastic about it.





At this juncture, it has been decided that a total number of 50 such helpless people under crucial need of atleast a stomach full of food a day.That’s why, 5 community kitchens as per undermentioned list have been surveyed out: 1.Point-I K-Plot(Patharpratima block, BTS area) -- 20 persons 2.Point-II Nagenabad(Kultali block, BTS area) -- 10 persons 3.Point-III Samanta Para (Mathurapur II block, Mukti area) -- 20 persons 4.Point-IV Adivasi Para (Mathurapur II block, Mukti area) -- 10 persons 5. Point V Moirapara (Mathurapur II block, Mukti area) -- 10 persons



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