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  project name ~ Mandra Lions Club creating NREGA act awareness

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Mandra Lions Club creating NREGA act awareness



Mandra Lions Club



Community Empowerment



Bagmundi, Purulia



West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 314100


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Naveen Vetcha


Los Angeles









To adopt low cost innovative approaches to increase awareness level of the community on National Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme and thus to increase the access to the scheme in Purulia district. The following points outline the need for the project:
NREGA related Constraints in Bagmundi Block of Purulia District:
1. All the needy families have not applied for job cards due to lack of awareness.
2. On the other hand some well of families have applied and got job cards thinking of getting Govt. jobs in future.
3. There is a lack of awareness among the cardholders regarding application for job. So applications are very less.
4Village level development plan is not developed so far and unplanned works are getting implemented haphazardly.
5. Payment is being done on contractual work basis while national NREGA says daily wage based payment.
6. Supervisor is appointed who is also paid contractual wages.
7. Involvement of GUS, SHGs and NGOs are negligible.
8. No NREGA Dist programme coordinator and Community development officer has been appointed so far.
9. Work place facilities need to be implemented and public awareness in this aspect is necessary to put public pressure.
10. Account payment of wages is not introduced so far.
11. ‘Community Ownership’ feeling is very much lacking.
12. Community Awareness aspect and Training of Implementing authority need to be emphasized more.
13. Women participation needs to be encouraged.

Problem analysis:
1. The act is very new and the clauses are not well known to the common people who might be the real beneficiaries.
2. Pressure of Supreme Court has led the ready implementation before preparing the ground.
3. People have taken this constitutional right like other government schemes; so participation is less and right concept is rarely found.
4. In maximum cases 100 days work has not been provided in the 2006 – 2007 and not public demand for the same is noticed.
8. State Government has named the act like a scheme in project form.
9. There is no sufficient manpower appointed to look after the implementation process; as a result the programme is mainly limited to pond digging and forestry. It should be according to the basis of area development plan.
10. Sometimes the clause is violated in the implementation process. Like- concrete village road is constructed from NREGA fund where material expenditure is more.
11. No Sansad level "Jan Sunani" and "Social Audit" have taken place so far in the block on this issue which is recommended by the law.
12. Application of ‘Right to Information’ is a rare phenomenon





Funds will be disbursed soon. Achievements of the current project will be posted soon. The achievement of the NGO so far is listed in NGO profile.





To adopt low cost innovative approaches to increase awareness level of the community on National Rural Employment Guranttee Scheme and thus to increase the access to the scheme.



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