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  project name ~ Bicycles for health workers and Dais

category ~ Health Care and Family Planning




  Project Name


Bicycles for health workers and Dais



JSS (Jan Swasthya Sahyog)



Health Care and Family Planning







  Budget Approved


Rs 348800


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Karthik Shekhar
Alisha Sett







Village Dais working with JSS expressing their desire to learn to ride bicycles





The village dais (midwives) and health-workers are indispensable people who are the means for a rural health organization like JSS to be able to impact the health of residents of nearly 53 villages near Ganiyari in the Bilaspur district of Chattisgarh. Currently, nearly all the dais and workers commute between these villages on foot, often without any footwear.

On a recent visit to Ganiyari, Dr. Jonathan Fine of AID Boston learned that many of the village health workers and the dais felt it would be tremendously helpful if the could be provided with bicycles, making the travel between villages faster and less onerous.

Towards this cause, AID Boston has recently approved $7000 to support bicycles, footwear and wrist watches for 100 persons, comprising of dais and village health workers.





The money for the project has been approved and dispatched. We are awaiting confirmation of receipt from JSS.





1. To provide basic support to its health workers and dais alleviating some of the logistical difficulties that they encounter while carrying out their work 2. To strengther our partnership with JSS and learn more about positive interventions that can be made in rural health



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