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  project name ~ ESG-Bangalore Workshop to review changes in Environmental Governance

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ESG-Bangalore Workshop to review changes in Environmental Governance



Environment Support Group










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Rs 80000


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Karthik Ranganathan
Dushyant Sethi


College Park









11 March 2010

Dear Friends and Fellow Activists,

We are very happy to confirm that the response to our workshop initiative to collectively review changes in Environmental Governance in India and evolve strategies for response and action has been very good. So far we have strong representation from groups working on the following issues: forest rights, coastal communities, north east regional issues, mining, urban infrastructure, dams and rivers, GMO and biotechnology issues, farming and food security, nuclear power and liability issues, EIA Notification, human rights, water use and rights, etc.

We now hope more of you will confirm your participation and that you would do so at the earliest. In case you decide to join us, please do confirm your participation by Saturday, 14 March 2010 and assist us in organising required facilities.

Details of the workshop, its intent, issues and themes we could discuss, and proposed agenda are enclosed for your perusal. These are tentative ideas and fully open to review by all. We suggest that discussions relating to workshop agenda and focus could be done by writing emails into the list: envtl_justice@lists.esgindia.org. This way we can assure everyone is part of the discussion. In case you are not on this list, kindly subscribe by sending an email to: leo@esgindia.org.

The workshop will be held at the Regional Institute of Cooperative Management, # 67 Padmanabhanagar, Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore 560070. Conference facilities, boarding and lodging have all been arranged in this venue. Rooms are on sharing basis and the cost per person per day (all inclusive) is Rs. 600/-. We would like you to confirm by writing to Sruthi (sruthi@esgindia.org) if you will stay at this place or make alternate arrangements.

Reaching the workshop venue is very easy. The training centre is at the intersection of the Inner Ring Road and Attimabbe Road, at the confluence of Padmanabhanagar and Banashankari neighbourhoods and approximately 7-8 kms from the main railway station and bus stand. This is a major traffic junction and the place is popularly known as Devegowda Petrol Bunk circle which serves as your landmark to reach by auto or taxi. Any bus plying to these neighbouhoods or passing through this circle will stop at this point. In case you find it difficult to reach, please do not hesitate to call Mallesh (09448377402).

We are happy to share that reimbursement of basic travel costs has been made possible due to two small grants from Action Aid and Association for Indias Development. In case your organisation cannot support your travel, please do let us know by Saturday by writing to Sruthi providing full details of your travel plans and costs involved.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Ugadi!


Leo F. Saldanha/Bhargavi S. Rao
Environment Support Group





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